Education and Training
In 1988 I received my degree in taxlaw at the University of Groningen.

Professional experience
In 2002 I started to work as an independent taxadvisor. I started my company since in my work for “thebig4” I missed a personal approach. 
I publish regularly for Wolters-Kluwer in the onlinetoolAvanzer and in the magazine “Belastingadvies in the praktijk. For “many years I interviewed leading tax experts and other stakeholders in the tax world for the magazine Tribute. From 2002 t / m 2005 I have been the editor of Fiscalalert. A tax paperback edition of the SDU in which all relevant tax numbers and main lines are included.
Some years I have been a director of the Dutch Federation of Taxconsultants (NFB). The organization of tax for SMEs.

Since 1988 I worked as a taxadvisor for, several large and bigfour offices. I worked as a senior manager in the general practice. SME businesses, entrepreneurs andwealthyindividualsweremy field.

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